SustFin brings broad management, project management and executive experience to any organization in need of an interim position or project management at the intersection of sustainability and finance. These services can be highly focused or broad in scope, depending on your needs.ds.


SustFin builds on extensive expertise and experience in fiduciary advice and asset management, across all asset classes and investment styles, and across banking. It also builds on extensive expertise and experience in sustainability issues, including human rights, climate change, corporate governance, long-term investing, and across all responsible investment strategies and instruments.


Policy development

In policy development, SustFin helps organizations embrace the why (drivers and beliefs), what (thematic focus) and how (e.g., exclusions, ESG (environmental, social and governance) integration, active ownership, impact investing) of responsible investing. This is especially relevant for connecting the dots between policy and execution and the ability to develop a comprehensive, understandable and actionable approach to responsible investing.


SustFin helps clients assess what is or is not possible and what are possible solutions to policy priorities. SustFin also provides second opinions to internally developed policy programs.



SustFin can help clients implement responsible investing. SustFin helps organizations plan, manage and execute tasks and projects in areas such as ESG integration, voting, engagement activities, impact investing, impact reporting and communications. Interim or project management may include, for example, the integration of responsible investing into one or more asset classes, manager selection, asset allocation, or the prioritization and implementation of corporate and/or regulatory engagement activities.

Stakeholder dialogue or collaborations

SustFin also carries out projects involving a wide range of stakeholders, e.g. a project to develop an IMVO covenant for the Dutch pension fund sector, on behalf of the Dutch Pensionfund Association (see also Top 1000 funds article), or a PRI publication on outcomes and the SDGs. SustFin can also help organizations chair or lead working groups or committees and deliver the required results (example reference project chaired by Marcel Jeucken between 2016-2017 while working at PGGM).


Product development

SustFin can help organizations with product development (e.g. ESG funds, ESG indices or impact investing) or new technological innovations such as block chain applications for instruments or responsible investment products.


Boards and committees

Marcel Jeucken brings board experience to any (investment) committee or board in need of an investment specialist. SustFin can also help as an external sparring partner, trusted advisor or facilitator of board strategy discussions.

Speaking assignments and training

Marcel Jeucken is an experienced speaker and trainer (CRKBO registered) and can help organisations present an engaged and independent expert perspective on responsible investment and finance in e.g. client events, management offsites or network conferences. For open trainings please contact Moneco or SPO.