Archived publications

Archived publications

Archived interviews, videos, articles and papers.


- Video interview by Adam Kirkman (AMP), with co-guests Philippe Desfossés (CEO ERAPF), Christopher Ailman (CIO CalSTRs), Singapore 2016


- Interview in Deloitte CFO survey, 2010 Q3


- Interview on impact investing in Clearpath, 2017


- Interview on impact investing and measurement in i3, 2016


- Article on positive impact investing in OMFIF Global Public Investor 2016


- Blog on PGGM website on responsible remuneration practices, 2015 (in Dutch)


- Cover interview on the role of capital in Financial Investigator, 2014 (in Dutch)


- Blog Launch of Principles for Responsible Institutional Investment in Farmland, PGGM website 2013


- Chapter on sustainable pensions in book on sustainable finance, 2012 (in Dutch)


- Paper on measuring the impact of impact investing in Bestuur en Management, 2012 (in Dutch)


- Interview in Top 1000 Funds on publication of 2010 annual RI report, 2011


- Article in IPE Netherlands on PGGM and responsible investment, 2007


- Report by Dutch VBA-CFA on responsible investment, 2004 (in Dutch)


- PhD review in de Staatscourant, 2004 (in Dutch)


- Article on responsible investment by charities in het Financieele Dagblad, 2004 (in Dutch)


- Article on sustainable banking in Financial World, 2002


- Scientific paper on sustainable banking in Financiële en Monetaire Studies, 2002 (in Dutch)


- Scientific paper on sustainable banking in Maandschrift Economie, 2001 (in Dutch)


- Article on climate change and finance in Economische Statistische Berichten, 2000 (in Dutch)


- Paper on sustainable banking in Greener Management International, 1999


- Scientific paper on the link between environment issues and international trade in Maandschrift Economie, 1998 (in Dutch)


- Article on sustainable banking in het Financieele Dagblad, 1998 (in Dutch)